Collecting data and saving to a file – HP ALTO-G12 User Manual

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To see the coordinates of your current location, without saving them

When the unit is ON, press the ON button again to get to the STATUS screen. Your coordinates
are displayed.

Collecting data and saving to a file

Data is collected and organized into “jobs” and “features”. A job file can contain many

features. The job file might represent an entire working day of collecting points, and the
features might be locations of trees (points), sidewalks (lines), parking lots (areas).

1. From the Main Menu, select “Collect Data” and press Enter.

2. On the JOB DATA screen you can take the defaults


. Press F1 (GO).

3. A default file name will be displayed. Accept it by pressing ENTER or give it your own

name and press ENTER.

4. On the FEATURE INFO screen, you must enter a feature name (e.g. TREES, TRAILS, Etc.)

and define the following:

4 Feature type: Point, Line or Area.

4 Feature ID: This is OPTIONAL it will sequence automatically (e.g. TREES001,


4 Logging mode: Static (for Points) or Dynamic (for Lines and Areas)

4 Intvl/session: In dynamic mode, this represents the interval between successive points

collected. In static mode, the represents the length of time to collect data for.

5. Press F5 (CONFIRM)

6. On the FEATURING screen you may manually enter as many ATTRIBUTES and

corresponding VALUES for your features as you wish (A reasonable ATTRIBUTE for TREES

may be SPECIES with a VALUE of OAK for instance).

7. On the FEATURING screen, press F4 (STORE) to begin collecting data.

• For Points the screen will automatically return to the FEATURING screen after the

point has been collected and stored. Move to your next point, change any
attribute values if needed and press F4 (STORE) to begin collecting the next point
and so on.

• For Lines and Areas, once you press F4 (STORE) to begin collecting data, start

moving to collect your feature, when you have reached the end, press F5 (END) to
stop collecting the feature, press F5 (YES) again, to verify you want to stop. You

will automatically return to the FEATURING screen where you can begin collecting
the next feature.

8. To change the Feature Type (e.g. to change from collecting points to lines), from the

FEATURING screen, press F2 (NEW FT) which returns you to the FEATURE INFO screen.
Redefine your info as in #4 above and proceed.

9. To finish, press ESC repeatedly to return to the Main Menu then turn the unit off.

At any time during this process you can press the ON button to see the Status screen. Press the
ESC key to get back to the screen you were on.


If you wish to add to an existing Job file, use the ↑/↓ keys to get to the Job File option, and the ←/→

keys to select the job file. Then press F1 (GO).