HP ALTO-G12 User Manual

Page 8

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C. Collecting data using a Feature List

1. From the Main Menu select Collect Data and press enter.
2. On the Job Data screen, use the ↑/↓ keys to select Feature List, and use the ←/→ keys to

change the selected feature list to the one you transferred. Press F1 (GO).

3. Accept the default File Name (press Enter).
4. Use the ↑/↓ keys to select the feature type from the list. Press Enter.

5. Fill in the Value field for each of the attributes in the list. If you are presented with a list

of options, use the ↑/↓ keys to select the correct option and press Enter. If there is no

list, use the keypad to type in the attribute value and press Enter.

6. When you have completed all the attributes, you will be able to press F4 (STORE) to

continue (it will start collecting the GPS data).