Downloading the data to a pc – HP ALTO-G12 User Manual

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Downloading the data to a PC

You will need to find a computer with the “PC-GPS 3.7” software on it (which may also be
labeled “Alto-G12 GPS” depending on who installed the software). All the lab computers in the

ACL and at Treehaven should have it.

You will also need a black, coiled cable with a COM port connection at both ends. Connect one
end to COM port 1 (sometimes COM port A) on the computer. Connect the other end to COM

port 1 at the top of the unit.

Receiving files from the CMT Alto-G12 GPS data collector in "Automatic" mode

Use this procedure to transfer Job files (*.FTR, *.RAW, *.DEF), Feature List files (*.FBR), Route
files (.PAT), Waypoint files (.WPT), Base files (*.DIF) , Almanac files (ALM.*) or User-defined

Coordinate System files (USER_COR.SYS and USER_DAT.SYS) from a CMT GPS data collector in
"Automatic" mode.

Please Note: PC-Mapper does not make use of Waypoint Files.

On the CMT GPS data collector:

1. Connect your data transfer cable from COM1 on the data collector to a serial port on your


2. From the Main Menu, highlight Transfer Data and press the Enter key.


1. From the GPS menu, click Transfer.

2. (Optional) Click the Change Directory button to choose a different directory for the

incoming files.