Maintenance – Hatco Sanitizing Sink Heaters Food Rethermalizers/Bain-Marie Heaters Hatco 3CS2 User Manual

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Form No. HHM-1103





Inspect daily for lime and sediment buildup inside
unit. Excessive amounts can affect unit performance
and reduce the operating life of the unit.

NOTE: Product failure caused by liming or sediment
buildup is not covered under warranty.


To avoid any damage to the heater unit use only
delimers that are non-corrosive to aluminum, brass
and stainless steel. Damage caused by corrosive
material or solutions is not covered under warranty.

The amount of lime and mineral content in the water
and how often the unit is operated will dictate how
often the unit needs to be delimed.

Units used with water that contains high lime
and mineral content may require deliming
on a daily basis.

NOTE: The delimer used should be a safe, non-toxic,
non-corrosive solution. Follow the delimer’s

In order to dissolve water scale, lime and rust deposits
from the electric heating elements, thermostat probes
and interior surfaces of the unit, use the following

1. Turn power switch to OFF position.

2. Connect one end of a drain hose onto the sump

drain outlet with the other end in a bucket
or open site drain in a manner according to local
plumbing codes.

3. Drain the water from the holding vessel by moving

the sump drain handle backwards until it stops.

4. Close sump drain valve by moving handle forward.

5. Slowly add delimer and water mixture into heat

tank through sink strainer assemblies. Allow
the unit to stand with the mixture in the reservoir
for the recommended period of time.

NOTE: The time required will vary depending on the
solution used and amount of deposits in the reservoir.

6. After cleaning, drain all expended solution from

the unit through the sump drain.

7. Thoroughly flush heater through the front and rear

openings with fresh water for several minutes until
discharge is clear.

8. Close sump drain by moving handle all of the way

forward until it stops.

9. Follow normal operation instructions.


Do not turn the electrical current to the unit
on until the holding vessel has been filled with
water or element burnout may occur.