Important safety instructions – Hatco Sanitizing Sink Heaters Food Rethermalizers/Bain-Marie Heaters Hatco 3CS2 User Manual

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Water in the unit and holding vessel is very
hot. Wear protective gloves and proper attire
when operating to avoid injury.

Do not use extension pipes on the inlet and outlet
connections on heater units. Poor performance
or unsafe conditions may occur.

Unit is not weatherproof. For safe and proper
operation locate the unit indoors where
the ambient air temperature is constant
and is a minimum of 70°F (21°C).




Hatco 3CS2 and FR2 series units are designed
for commercial use only by properly trained
personnel! To avoid any injury or damage
to the unit read and follow the instructions
contained in this manual. Do not operate this
equipment unless you have read and completely
understood the contents of this manual.

To avoid any electrical shock hazard, or physical
burns turn the power OFF at the fuse disconnect
switch/circuit breaker or unplug the unit from
the power source and allow to cool completely
before performing any maintenance or cleaning.

For proper electrical installation conforming
to local electrical codes consult a licensed
electrical contractor. Improper electrical
connections may cause a serious electrical
shock injury or may damage the unit.

For proper plumbing installation conforming
to local plumbing codes consult a licensed
plumbing contractor.

Units equipped with a power cord and plug
should be plugged into an electrical outlet
of the correct voltage, size and plug configuration.
If the plug and receptacle do not match, contact
a qualified electrician to determine the proper
voltage and size and install the proper
electrical outlet.

To prevent any injury or damage to the unit do
not pull unit by power cord.

To prevent any injury, discontinue use if power
cord is frayed or worn.

Units are designed to heat water up to 190ºF
(88ºC). DO NOT set temperature controls
to a setting higher than 190ºF (88ºC). Water over
190°F (88°C) is very active and could splash onto
operator causing serious burns or injury.

To avoid any injury or damage to the unit use
only Authorized Hatco Service Agents to perform
any temperature display changes.

If service is required on this unit, contact your
Authorized Hatco Service Agent, or contact
the Hatco Service Department at 800-558-0607
or 414-671-6350; fax 800-690-2966
or International fax 414-671-3976.

Form No. HHM-1103

IMPORTANT! Read the following important safety instructions to avoid personal injury or death,
and to avoid damage to the equipment or property.


This product has no “user” serviceable parts.
To avoid damage to the unit or injury
to personnel, use only Authorized Hatco Service
Agents and Genuine Hatco Parts when service
is required.

Genuine Hatco Replacement Parts are specified
to operate safely in the environments in which
they are used. Some aftermarket or generic
replacement parts do not have the characteristics
that will allow them to operate safely
in Hatco equipment. It is essential to use
Hatco Replacement Parts when repairing Hatco
equipment. Failure to use Hatco Replacement
Parts may subject operators of the equipment
to hazardous electrical voltage, resulting
in electrical shock or burn.