Important safety instructions – Hatco Sanitizing Sink Heaters Food Rethermalizers/Bain-Marie Heaters Hatco 3CS2 User Manual

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Form No. HHM-1103

IMPORTANT! Read the following important safety instructions to avoid personal injury or death,
and to avoid damage to the equipment or property.


Do not overtighten unions or nuts. Overtightening
may cause leaks.

Do not turn the electrical current to the unit
on until the holding vessel has been filled
with water or element burnout may occur.

Inspect daily for lime and sediment buildup
inside unit. Excessive amounts can affect unit
performance and reduce the operating life
of the unit.

To avoid any damage to the heater unit
use only delimers that are non-corrosive
to aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Damage
caused by corrosive material or solutions
is not covered under warranty.


Drain holding vessel with power to the unit off,
or element burnout may occur.

Water Quality Requirements - Incoming water
in excess of 3.0 grains of hardness per gallon
(GPG) (.75 grains of hardness per liter) must
be treated and softened before being supplied
to a Hydro-Heater. To maintain efficiency
and to extend the operating life “regular
deliming and cleaning” must be performed when
water supplied contains over 3.0 GPG (.75 GPL).

To avoid any damage to units with Auto-fill,
do not exceed the following:
Incoming Water Temperature: 140°F (60°C)
Incoming Water Pressure: 80 PSI (550 kPa)