Maintenance – Hatco Sanitizing Sink Heaters Food Rethermalizers/Bain-Marie Heaters Hatco 3CS2 User Manual

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Form No. HHM-1103




If service is required on this unit, contact your
Authorized Hatco Service Agent, or contact
the Hatco Service Department at 800-558-0607
or 414-671-6350; fax 800-690-2966 or international
fax 414-671-3976.


This product has no “user” serviceable parts.
To avoid damage to the unit or injury to personnel,
use only Authorized Hatco Service Agents
and Genuine Hatco Parts when service is required.


Genuine Hatco Replacement Parts are specified
to operate safely in the environments in which
they are used. Some aftermarket or generic
replacement parts do not have the characteristics
that will allow them to operate safely in Hatco
equipment. It is essential to use Hatco Replacement
Parts when repairing Hatco equipment. Failure
to use Hatco Replacement Parts may subject
operators of the equipment to hazardous electrical
voltage, resulting in electrical shock or burn.