Polar FT4

Polar FT4 is a personal real-time heart rate monitor intended for general fitness and cross-training exercises. It is bought by people, involved in various types of physical training, not for fashion or convenience, but for real use. The Polar FT4 helps runners, swimmers, weightlifters to do their workouts more efficient. This device is not aimed at motivating or encouraging people to do physical exercises, but it teaches them to dose loads during workouts.

The Polar FT4 is incredibly easy to use. You can wear it on the wrist. It has twenty holes for adjustment, and it suits for wrists of various sizes. Keep in mind that the device works only with a chest strap, made of gentle elastic textile. You can also adjust it with no problem. In theory using a chest strap provides the increased accuracy of readings. Practice confirms this consideration. The Polar FT4 perfectly calculates pulse and calories burned.

When you first open the screen, you go through the installation wizard, enter your weight, sex ... and all is ready for a workout. It automatically detects the target zone for you, and all functions are called in a couple of button presses. So each time when you leave your target zone, that is not working hard enough or overexerting yourself, the device just beeps for you to increase or reduce the load. So the FT4 indicates the line of your heart rate, which should not be crossed over. It’s pretty cool, because it is generally accepted, that the training should not be finished in a state of complete exhaustion.

The Polar FT4 heart rate monitor can open the way to sport for people of different levels of health. Unfortunately, some people with heart disease believe that there is no place for them in sport. This is a mistake as physiotherapy and light fitness does not harm anyone’s health. The only thing is that such people should not leave the zone of moderate loads! That's the whole secret. And this heart rate monitor can be the best weapon against any complexes and delusions.

The FT4 also features waterproofing up to 30 meters, and you can go with it to the pool or swim in the river. In addition the Polar FT4 features Polar OwnCal function, which calculates the number of calories burned in the process and at the end of the workout. One more bonus of the device is the possibility to store data of the last ten workouts. Each file contains information about the duration, burnt calories, average heart rate, maximum heart rate, and the time spent in the target zone.

The Polar FT4 is sold in various beautiful colors. It is affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable. And for sure this is a universal choice both for beginners and experienced athletes.

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