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Before Operating This Set)

■ Connecting the Plug to the Wall Outlet


• Mains plug types vary between countries. The mains plug shown at left

L-i n[ may therefore not be the type fitted to your set.

How to Turn the Power On

Press the Power switch on Television to turn the set on. (See page



( Connections ^

■ How to connect the “AV1,2,3 or 4” Input Terminals





1. When an S-Video cable is connected to the S-Video terminal, the Video input will be automatically switched

off for the AV mode.

2. When a Monaural VCR is used, connect the Monaural Audio cable to the Audio “L” (left) terminal.
3. Select the desired AV input position by pressing the “TV/AV” button (refer to page



4. The AV3 and AV4 audio input terminals serves as the audio input terminal for both the video input and for the

DVD input.

5. input 2 is located on the front of the unit.


. When using “MONITOR OUT function with source connected to “AV2 IN”, please use “VIDEO” input

(NOT “S-VIDEO” input).