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Dolphin® 7600 User’s Guide

Rev D


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Internal Backup Battery

Located inside the terminal, the backup battery is a 2.4V nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery.

The internal backup battery prevents the terminal from being reset when you remove the main battery pack. This battery retains
RAM data and allows the real-time clock to remain operational for up to 30 minutes. If the terminal is left without the main battery
pack for more than 30 minutes, the internal backup battery discharges and needs to be recharged to function according to

Note: Even if the internal backup battery fails, data and programs stored in Flash memory (IPSM) or an optional SD card are

not lost. However, the terminal automatically cold boots when you install a fully charged battery pack and you need to
reset the real-time clock.


The internal backup battery charges off the main battery pack and requires eight hours charge time to backup RAM data for 30
minutes. You can begin using the Dolphin terminal after charging the main battery for four hours; however, the internal backup
battery will continue to charge off the main battery.

To ensure that the internal backup battery functions properly, maintain a consistent power supply for the first eight hours of
terminal operation. This power supply can be external power (using a charging peripheral) or an installed, charged battery pack
or a combination of both.


Follow these guidelines to maximize the life of the Dolphin’s internal backup battery:

Keep a charged Li-ion battery pack in the Dolphin terminal.

Keep the Dolphin terminal connected to a power source when the terminal is not in use.