Setting up the dolphin terminal, Communicating with the dolphin terminal, Synchronizing with the host workstation – Hand Held Products DOLPHIN 7600 User Manual

Page 62: Exploring the terminal from the workstation

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Dolphin® 7600 User’s Guide

Setting Up the Dolphin Terminal

The Dolphin terminal defaults to USB communication out of the box. To verify and/or change the default setting, tap Start >
Settings > Control Panel > PC Connections.)

Tap Change Connection to change the current settings.

Connection Options

Select this option to …


Establish an RS-232 connection.


Establish an ActiveSync connection via Bluetooth; see

Bluetooth ActiveSync

on page


This menu item is present only when Bluetooth has been activated.

‘Infrared Port

Establish an ActiveSync connection via the

IrDA Port

(see page 3-11).


Establish a USB connection.

Communicating with the Dolphin Terminal

After setting up both the workstation and the terminal, ActiveSync connection should be automatic.

1. Connect the Dolphin terminal to the a communication peripheral, such as the Dolphin HomeBase.

2. The Dolphin terminal automatically opens ActiveSync to establish a connection.

Synchronizing with the Host Workstation

After setup, synchronization begins automatically whenever the terminal’s mechanical connector connects to a Dolphin
peripheral that is connected to a host workstation with ActiveSync installed.

Exploring the Terminal from the Workstation

When the terminal and desktop computer are connected, open the main ActiveSync window (on the desktop), and click Explore.

Must be checked to connect with a workstation.

Displays the current connection setting.

Tap to change the connections settings.