Using the unit safely, Warning – Fender Roland G-5 VG Stratocaster User Manual

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Don’t allow foreign objects or liquids to enter unit;

never place containers with liquid on unit

Do not place containers containing liquid
on this product. Never allow foreign
objects (e.g., flammable objects, coins,
wires) or liquids (e.g., water or juice) to
enter this product. Doing so may cause
short circuits, faulty operation, or other

Turn off the unit if an abnormality or malfunction


Immediately unplug the cable from the
guitar jack, and request servicing by your
retailer, the nearest Roland Service Center,
or an authorized Roland distributor, as
listed on the “Information” page when:

• Objects have fallen into, or liquid has

been spilled onto the unit; or

• If smoke or unusual odor occurs; or

• The unit has been exposed to rain (or

otherwise has become wet); or

• The unit does not appear to operate

normally or exhibits a marked change in

Adults must provide supervision in places where

children are present

When using the unit in locations where
children are present, be careful so no
mishandling of the unit can take place. An
adult should always be on hand to provide
supervision and guidance.

Do not drop or subject to strong impact

Protect the unit from strong impact.
(Do not drop it!)


Handle batteries carefully

• Batteries/rechargeable batteries must

never be recharged, heated, taken apart,
or thrown into fire or water.

• Never expose batteries/rechargeable

batteries to excessive heat such as
sunshine, fire or the like.

• Incorrect handling of batteries,

rechargeable batteries, or a battery
charger can cause leakage, overheating,
fire, or explosion. Before use, you
must read and strictly observe all of
the precautions that accompany the
batteries, rechargeable batteries, or
battery charger.

• When using rechargeable batteries and

a charger, use only the combination
of rechargeable batteries and charger
specified by the battery manufacturer.