Important notes, Power supply, Power supply: use of batteries – Fender Roland G-5 VG Stratocaster User Manual

Page 14: Placement, Maintenance, Additional precautions

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Power Supply

• To prevent malfunction and equipment failure,

always make sure to turn off the power on all your
equipment before you make any connections.

Power Supply: Use of Batteries

• When installing or replacing batteries, always turn

this unit off and disconnect any other devices you
may have connected. This way, you can prevent
malfunction and damage.

• The life of the supplied batteries may be limited,

since its primary purpose was to enable testing.

• Please use alkaline batteries or rechargeable Ni-MH



• Using the unit near power amplifiers (or other

equipment containing large power transformers)
may induce hum. To alleviate the problem, change
the orientation of this unit; or move it farther away
from the source of interference.

• This device may interfere with radio and television

reception. Do not use this device in the vicinity of
such receivers.

• Noise may be produced if wireless communications

devices, such as cell phones, are operated in the
vicinity of this unit. Such noise could occur when
receiving or initiating a call, or while conversing.
Should you experience such problems, you should
relocate such wireless devices so they are at a
greater distance from this unit, or switch them off.

• Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight, place

it near devices that radiate heat, leave it inside
an enclosed vehicle, or otherwise subject it to
temperature extremes. Also, do not allow lighting
devices that normally are used while their light
source is very close to the unit (such as a piano
light), or powerful spotlights to shine upon the
same area of the unit for extended periods of time.
Excessive heat can deform or discolor the unit.

• When moved from one location to another where

the temperature and/or humidity is very different,

water droplets (condensation) may form inside

the unit. Damage or malfunction may result if you

attempt to use the unit in this condition. Therefore,

before using the unit, you must allow it to stand

for several hours, until the condensation has

completely evaporated.

• Do not allow rubber, vinyl, or similar materials to

remain on this unit for long periods of time. Such

objects can discolor or otherwise harmfully affect

the finish.

• Do not paste stickers, decals, or the like to this

instrument. Peeling such matter off the instrument

may damage the exterior finish.

• Do not put anything that contains water on this

unit. Also, avoid the use of insecticides, perfumes,

alcohol, nail polish, spray cans, etc., near the unit.

Swiftly wipe away any liquid that spills on the unit

using a dry, soft cloth.


• Never use benzine, thinners, alcohol or solvents of

any kind, to avoid the possibility of discoloration

and/or deformation.

Additional Precautions

• Use a reasonable amount of care when using

the unit’s buttons, sliders, or other controls; and

when using its jack. Rough handling can lead to


• When disconnecting all cables, grasp the connector

itself—never pull on the cable. This way you will

avoid causing shorts, or damage to the cable’s

internal elements.

• To avoid disturbing others nearby, try to keep the

unit’s volume at reasonable levels.

• When you need to transport the unit, package it

in the box (including padding) that it came in, if

possible. Otherwise, you will need to use equivalent

packaging materials.