Panel descriptions, Tremolo cover, Battery cover – Fender Roland G-5 VG Stratocaster User Manual

Page 4: Electronics cover

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Panel Descriptions


Tremolo Cover

This is the cover of the tremolo unit.

Battery Cover

Install batteries here.
Battery Type: Four AA
Life: Up to 9 hours with high powered rechargeable Ni-MH batteries (2600 mAH – 2700

mAH). Life may be less with regular alkaline batteries. We recommend getting 8 high quality

rechargeable batteries, so you can always have one set charging while the other set is in the

guitar. When the batteries run low, the blue power indicator will begin to flash as a warning

and will eventually go out.
When the batteries are dead or even removed from the instrument, the guitar still functions as a Stratocaster®,

so you will never have a “gig emergency”.

When turning the unit upside down, take care to prevent damage to the buttons, knobs, etc. Also, be sure to

handle the unit with care so as to avoid dropping it, or allowing it to fall or tip over.

Electronics Cover

* DO NOT remove the Electronics Cover.

Doing so will result in a void of warranty.

* If used improperly, batteries may explode or leak and cause damage or injury. In the interest of

safety, please read and observe the following precautions:

• Incorrect handling of batteries, rechargeable batteries, or battery charger can cause leakage, overheating,

fire, or explosion.

• Please use alkaline batteries or rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.
• When using rechargeable batteries and a charger, use only the combination of rechargeable batteries and

charger specified by the battery manufacturer.

• Batteries must never be heated, taken apart, or thrown into fire or water.
• Carefully follow the installation instructions for batteries, and make sure you observe the correct polarity.
• Avoid using new batteries together with used ones. In addition, avoid mixing different types of batteries.
• Remove the batteries whenever the unit is to remain unused for an extended period of time.
• If a battery has leaked, use a soft piece of cloth or paper towel to wipe all remnants of the discharge from

the battery compartment. Then install new batteries. To avoid inflammation of the skin, make sure that

none of the battery discharge gets onto your hands or skin exercise the utmost caution so that none of

the discharge gets near your eyes. Immediately rinse the affected area with running water if any of the

discharge has entered the eyes.

• Never keep batteries together with metallic objects such as ballpoint pens, necklaces, hairpins, etc.
• Used batteries must be disposed of in compliance with whatever regulations for their safe disposal that

may be observed in the region in which you live.