About gk pickup height – Fender Roland G-5 VG Stratocaster User Manual

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About GK Pickup Height

Your Stratocaster® is set up at the factory for optimal performance. It may need adjustments from

time to time. For Fender setup guidelines please refer to the OWNER’S MANUAL FOR FENDER®

GUITARS. If you have misplaced your manual this information can be found on-line in the

“Support” section of www.fender.com.

Height Adjustment


Height Adjustment Screw

GK Pickup

Once your guitar is properly set up you should make sure the distance between the top of the

GK pickup and the bottom of the strings is approximately 1 mm (0.04”) when depressing the

strings at the highest fret. The height of the GK pickup can be adjusted by using the Height

Adjustment Screws.