Using the unit safely, Caution – Fender Roland G-5 VG Stratocaster User Manual

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Manage cables for safety

Try to prevent cords and cables from
becoming entangled. Also, all cords and
cables should be placed so they are out of
the reach of children.

Avoid climbing on top of the unit, or placing heavy

objects on it

Never climb on top of, nor place heavy
objects on the unit.

Disconnect everything before moving the unit

Disconnect all cords coming from external
devices before moving the unit.

Handle batteries carefully

If used improperly, batteries may explode
or leak and cause damage or injury. In the
interest of safety, please read and observe
the following precautions (p. 4).

• Carefully follow the installation

instructions for batteries, and make sure
you observe the correct polarity.

• Avoid using new batteries together with

used ones. In addition, avoid mixing
different types of batteries.

• Remove the batteries whenever the unit

is to remain unused for an extended
period of time.

• Never keep batteries together with

metallic objects such as ballpoint pens,
necklaces, hairpins, etc.

• Used batteries must be disposed of in

compliance with whatever regulations
for their safe disposal that may be
observed in the region in which you live.

Keep small items out of the reach of children

To prevent accidental ingestion of the
parts listed below, always keep them out
of the reach of small children.

• Included Parts

hexagonal wrench


Handle leaking batteries carefully

• If fluid has leaked from a battery, make

sure not to touch it with your bare

• If any of the leaking fluid gets into your

eyes, the loss of vision may result. Do
not rub your eyes; use clean water to
flush them thoroughly. Then, promptly
see a doctor.

• Burning of the skin or dermatitis may

result if fluid has gotten onto your
skin or clothing. Use clean water to
flush affected areas thoroughly; then,
promptly see a doctor.

• Using a soft cloth, carefully wipe any

remaining fluid from the inside of the
battery compartment. Then, install new