Dmx-512 connection / connection between fixtures, Connection with the mains – Futuretech DJ-SCAN 250 User Manual

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Occupation mono 1/4“ jack-plug:


In Phase (+)



DMX-512 connection / connection between fixtures

The wires must not come into contact with each other, otherwise

the fixtures will not work at all, or will not work properly.

Only use a stereo shielded cable and 3-pin XLR-plugs and connectors in order to connect the controller with
the fixture or one fixture with another.

Occupation of the XLR-connection:

If you are using controllers with this occupation, you can connect the DMX-output of the controller directly
with the DMX-input of the first fixture in the DMX-chain. If you wish to connect DMX-controllers with other
XLR-outputs, you need to use adapter-cables.

Building a serial DMX-chain:
Connect the DMX-output of the first fixture in the DMX-chain with the DMX-input of the next fixture. Always
connect one output with the input of the next fixture until all fixtures are connected.

Caution: At the last fixture, the DMX-cable has to be terminated with a terminator. Solder a 120


between Signal (–) and Signal (+) into a 3-pin XLR-plug and plug it in the DMX-output of the last fixture.

Connection with the mains

Connect the device to the mains with the enclosed power supply cable.