Description of the device, Features – Futuretech DJ-SCAN 250 User Manual

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The maximum ambient temperature t


= 45° C must never be exceeded.

Operate the device only after having become familiar with its functions. Do not permit operation by persons
not qualified for operating the device. Most damages are the result of unprofessional operation!

Please use the original packaging if the device is to be transported.

Please consider that unauthorized modifications on the device are forbidden due to safety reasons!

Never remove the serial barcode from the device as this would make the guarantee void.

If this device will be operated in any way different to the one described in this manual, the product may suffer
damages and the guarantee becomes void. Furthermore, any other operation may lead to dangers like short-
circuit, burns, electric shock, lamp explosion, crash etc.



Innovative DJ-scanner with rotating gobos
7 different, dichroic colour-filtres and white • Rainbow-effect with adjustable speed in both directions • Gobo-
wheel with 7 rotating gobos, open and blackout • Strobe-effect with adjustable speed (1-10 flashes/sec.) via
shutter • DMX-controlled operation or stand alone operation with Master/Slave-function (up to 4 slaves) •
Sound-controlled via built-in microphone • Fuzzy-Sound-Control: program continues automatically during
periods without music or bass-beat • Control-Board with 4-digit display • Manual focus • For MSD/HSD 250,
MSD 250/2 or MSD/HSD 200 lamp • DMX-control via every standard DMX-controller • 6 DMX-control-
channels required