Installation, Installing/replacing the lamp – Futuretech DJ-SCAN 250 User Manual

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Installing/Replacing the lamp


Only install the lamp with the device switched off!
Unplug from mains before!

For the installation, you need one MSD/HSD 200 GY-9.5, MSD/HSD 250 GY-9.5 or MSD 250/2 GY-9.5

The lamp must only be changed when wearing appropriate protective clothing (protection glasses, protection
gloves, helmet with sight, leather apron).

The lamp has to be replaced when it is damaged
or deformed due to the heat!


The lamp life given by the manufacturer must never be exceeded. This is why you need to take notes on the
operational time of the lamp and replace the lamp in time.

Keep exchanged lamp in a protective container and remove accordingly.

During the operation, the lamp reaches temperatures of up to 600° C.

Before replacing the lamp, unplug mains lead and let the lamp cool down (approx. 10 minutes).

During the installation do not touch the glass-bulbs bare-handed! Please follow the lamp manufacturer's

Do not install lamps with a higher wattage! Lamps with a higher wattage generate temperatures the device
was not designed for. Damages caused by non-observance are not subject to warranty.


Step 1: Unscrew the fixation screws X, Y of the lamp system and carefully remove it from the housing.
Step 2: If replacing the lamp, remove the old lamp from the lamp holder.
Step 3: Insert the lamp into the lamp holder.
Step 4: Replace the lamp system in the housing and tighten the fixation screws.
Step 5: Adjust the lamp as described under lamp adjustment.

Do not operate this device with opened cover!