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quantity of oil must not be excessive in order to avoid that oil runs out when the gobo-wheel rotates.
There are no serviceable parts inside the device. Maintenance and service operations are only to be carried
out by authorized dealers.

Please refer to the instructions under "Installing/Replacing the lamp".

Replacing the fuse

If the fine-wire fuse of the device fuses, only replace the fuse by a fuse of same type and rating.

Before replacing the fuse, unplug mains lead.


Step 1: Open the fuseholder on the rearpanel with a fitting screwdriver.
Step 2: Remove the old fuse from the fuseholder.
Step 3: Install the new fuse in the fuseholder.
Step 4: Replace the fuseholder in the housing.

Should you need any spare parts, please use genuine parts.

If the power supply cable of this device becomes damaged, it has to be replaced by a special power supply
cable available at your dealer.

Should you have further questions, please contact your dealer.


Power supply:

230 V AC, 50 Hz

Power consumption:

500 W




3-pin XLR


via built-in microphone


10 Hz

Number of colours:

7 dichroic + white

Number of gobos:

7 rotating gobos and open

Dimensions (LxWxH):

525 x 300 x 150 mm


15 kg

Maximum ambient temperature t



45° C

Maximum housing temperature t


(steady state):

60° C

Min.distance from flammable surfaces:

0.5 m

Min.distance to lighted object:

0.5 m


F 5 A, 250 V

Fitting lamps:
OMNILUX OSD 90V/250W GX-9,5 2000h 6700K

No. 89106005

OSRAM HSD250 90V/250W GY-9,5 2000h

No. 89106010

SYLVANIA BA250/2 SE D 90V/250W GY-9,5

No. 89106120

PHILIPS MSD250 90V/250W GY-9,5 2000h

No. 89106015

OSRAM HSD250/2 90V/250W GY9,5 3000h 7800K

No. 89106110

PHILIPS MSD250/2 90V/250W GY-9,5 2000h

No. 89106115

Recommended controllers:
FUTURELIGHT CP-256 controller

No. 51834285

FUTURELIGHT CP-256/32 controller

No. 51834286

Wizard-512 DMX-Software + Interface

No. 51860101

Wizard-1024 DMX-Software + Interface

No. 51860110

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