Caution – Fujioh FDR-4200 User Manual

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3. Read specification label on this product for further information and requirements.

2. To reduce the risk of fire and to properly exhaust air, be sure to duct air outside. Do not vent

exhaust air into spaces within walls, ceilings or into attics, crawl spaces or garages.

6. Fasten the filter and other parts securely. Incorrect attachment may resulty in personal injury

or property damage.

4. Use only for the purpose of kitchen ventilation.

5. Do not install this range hood in the bathroom or in other wet rooms since electrical shock

and damage may result.

1. For general ventilating use only. Do not use to exhaust hazardous or explosive material and


7. Keep your hands and other objects away from the fan while it is in motion. If not, personal

injury or damage may result.

: means prohibition. It indicates actions, if any, that

mustn’t be done.


: means forcible execution. It indicates actions, if any,

that must be done.

NOTE: The safety instructions are explained with the following

pictographic symbols.