Fender TB-1200 User Manual

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A . INPUT - Plug your bass in here. NOTE: This jack overrides

the rear panel INPUT jack {EE}.

B . –9dB PAD - Reduces the input sensitivity to allow

cleaner response with high-output bass guitars. This

switch button incorporates a red LED which illuminates

when the PAD is engaged.

C . MUTE - Disables all TB-1200/600 outputs EXCEPT the

rear panel TUNER OUTPUT {DD}. This switch button

incorporates a red LED which blinks when the amplifier

is muted, or when the footswitch is in TUNER mode.

D . VOLUME - Adjusts the loudness of the Vintage Tube


E . BASS / MID / TREBLE - Classic, cut-only (passive) tone

stack. Pull the BASS knob out for emphasis in the

low-frequency range (DEEP). Pull the TREBLE knob out

for an increase in the high-frequency range (BRIGHT).

Brightness is more apparent at mid settings of the

VOLUME control {D}.

F . TUBE OVERDRIVE - Switches the Tube Overdrive

section on/off as indicated by the integral LED. This

function is footswitchable.

G . GAIN - Adjusts the Tube Overdrive distortion level.

H . VOLUME - Adjusts the loudness of the Tube Overdrive

sound along with the GAIN control {G}.

I .

BLEND - Adjusts the mix of clean vintage tube tone

with overdriven tube tone when the Tube Overdrive is


J . VARI-Q - Switches the Vari-Q™ semi-parametric EQ

section on/off as indicated by the integral LED. This

function is footswitchable.

K . FREQ - Selects the center of frequency range that the

LEVEL control {L} adjusts. NOTE: This knob has no effect

when LEVEL is at “0.”

L . LEVEL - Adjusts the amount of boost or cut (±15dB) at

the frequency selected by the FREQ control {K}. Also

adjusts the width or “Q” of the frequency response as

appropriate. In the boost mode, the “Q” is automatically

set wider, which is more generally perceived as

musically pleasing. In the cut mode, the “Q” is narrow,

useful to eliminate a problem frequency, hum or


M . ROOM BALANCE - Room Balance is for the player

to “dial in the room” as a final touch of EQ. This

feature is OFF when in the center position (start the

EQ process with this control centered; dial it in last).

Turning the control clockwise emphasizes highs, while

de-emphasizing lows (great if the stage sound is dark

and muddy). Turning the control counter-clockwise

creates the opposite effect; emphasizing lows while de-

emphasizing highs (helps with bright hardwood floors).

This frees up the EQ of the TB-1200/600 to design your

TONE instead of compensating for poor room acoustics.

N . MASTER VOLUME - Adjusts the overall loudness of

the TB-1200/600 PREAMP and SPEAKER OUTPUTS in

conjunction with the GAIN {G} and VOLUME {D,H}

controls of the active sections.

O . CLIP - Flashing of this LED indicates power amplifier


P . POWER - Switches the TB-1200/600 on/off as indicated

by the internal blue LED backlighting.

TB-1200 / TB-600

Thank you for purchasing one of our TB series professional bass
amplifiers. TB stands for Tube Bass. A tube front end married to a
strong, solid state power amplifier for massive headroom and tube
warmth. These amplifiers truly capture the classic Fender bass sound
by using a passive tone stack for a thick, natural, balanced tone that
sits fat in your live or studio mix. Beyond the classic sound found in the

first stage, there are also some very effective and easy to use features
which address the needs of the modern player. Overdrive, for a biting
edge that is musical. Vari-Q™ to allow for more detailed manipulation
of specific frequencies. Room Balance, allowing you to easily adjust
your amp for the room you are in without sacrificing your favorite EQ

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