Fender TB-1200 User Manual

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For Rack Mount Units Only:
The TB-1200/600 can be mounted in a rack

or flight case that measures anywhere from

13" (33.0 cm) to 17.5" (44.5 cm) between

front and rear rails.
1) Remove the adhesive rubber feet from

the bottom of the TB-1200/600.

2) Remove the 2 bolts {S} on each side of the

TB-1200/600, then use them to loosely attach the

“rack ear” brackets {R} that were supplied with your


3) Lift the TB-1200/600 into position and

provide temporary support until all corners

are attached.

4) Bolt the TB-1200/600 front panel tabs to the

front rack rails (NOT SHOWN).

5) Slide the adjustable brackets {R} to fit the

rack, then attach with bolts through the rear

rails {Q} as shown.

6) Tighten all bolts securely.

Two 12AX7 dual triode vacuum tubes (valves)

are at the core of your TB-1200/600 amplifier.

Typically a 12AX7 tube will last several

years, but through heavy use and frequent

transportation jarring, it is possible to have a

tube last less than a year.

When to replace the preamp tube: Sometimes, tubes become

noisy or “microphonic” (the amp sounds like a glass chime

tinkling during certain notes) as they wear out, but other times,

tubes will fail without warning. If your amplifier stops working

and other possible causes have been eliminated (breakers,

cords, etc.), have an authorized service center inspect your

amplifier for tube failure.


Block Diagram

Tube Replacement

Rack Mounting


The TBFS-4 footswitch allows for remote control of 4 features

on the TB–1200/600 amplifiers: OVERDRIVE, VARI-Q™,

FX LOOP/BOOST, and TUNER. When the footswitch is

connected properly, "On" will be visible in the display. To

activate OVERDRIVE, VARI-Q™, or FX LOOP/BOOST, press and

release the corresponding button (the LED will turn red

indicating the function is active). A volume boost can be

achieved by adjusting the TRIM control clockwise (located

on the rear of the amplifier, see page 7, item II) and activating

the FX LOOP/BOOST button. Note: The front panel buttons

on the amplifier may still be used when the footswitch is


To activate the TUNER, press and hold the button for about

1 second. The amplifier will be muted (all outputs except

TUNER OUTPUT) and the front panel MUTE LED will flash.

When a signal is detected, the nearest note is shown in the

footswitch display and one of the four red LEDs will flash

indicating sharp or flat. The inner two red LEDs indicate the

note is closer to being in tune while the green LED in the

middle indicates in tune. If a signal is not detected for a few

seconds, "---" will be shown in the display. Press and release

TUNER button again to exit the tuning function and resume

playing. All other footswitch and front panel function buttons

have no effect while the tuner is active.

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