Fender TB-1200 User Manual

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AA . IEC POWER CORD SOCKET - Connect only the supplied

high-capacity power cord to a grounded AC receptacle

in compliance with the voltage and frequency ratings

specified on the rear panel of your TB-1200/600. Contact

Fender customer support for power cord replacement.

BB . PARALLEL SPEAKER OUTPUTS - Use any combination

of these outputs to connect speaker cabinets. Do not

violate the MINIMUM speaker load impedance, which is:

• 2Ω for the TB-1200 Head:

(two 4Ω speakers = 2Ω)

(one 4Ω and two 8Ω speakers = 2Ω)
(four 8Ω speakers = 2Ω)

• 4Ω for the TB-600 Head/Combo*:

(one 4Ω speaker = 4Ω)

(two 8Ω speakers = 4Ω)

(one 8Ω speaker and two 16Ω speakers = 4Ω)

(four 16Ω speakers = 4Ω)

*TB-600 Combo internal speaker = 8Ω
CC . FOOTSWITCH - Connect a TBFS-4 footswitch here with

any length guitar or speaker cable to enable remote

on/off switching of Tube Overdrive, FX Loop and

Vari-Q™. The TBFS-4 includes a chromatic tuner which

automatically mutes the amplifier when enabled.

DD . TUNER OUTPUT - Connection for your bass tuner. This

"tube-influenced" output is always active, and can be

used as an additional "PRE" line output.

EE . INPUT - Alternate connection for bass guitar signal.

Useful in some rack configurations. NOTE: The front

panel INPUT {A} jack overrides this jack.


amp set-ups, connect the PRE AMP OUTPUT of the

primary unit to the PWR AMP INPUT on the auxiliary

unit. The primary unit controls all auxiliary units.

GG . RETURN / SEND - FX Loop jacks for external effects.

Connect SEND to the input of your effects device and

RETURN to the output of your effects device.

HH . –10dBV / +4dBu - FX Loop level. Sets nominal operating

level for external effects. Use +4dBu for professional

rack-style effects. Use -10dBV for battery operated pedal


II . TRIM - Adjust to compensate for external effects

devices volume difference when FX Loop is selected

with the footswitch. Full clockwise rotation provides

a +9dB boost, while full counter-clockwise provides a

-9dB cut. Also useful for a footswitchable solo boost

(clockwise rotation) when not using external effects.

JJ . LEVEL - Adjusts the output level of the BALANCED LINE

OUTPUT jack {MM}.

KK . PRE / POST - Use this control to select if you would

prefer the bass signal from the BALANCED LINE OUTPUT

jack {MM} to be affected by the preamp changes you

make (POST) or before the EQ, to give an unaffected

signal (PRE).

LL . GND / LIFT - The Ground Lift switch should normally be

in the GROUND (out) position. In the LIFT (in) position,

the ground connection (pin-1) of the BALANCED LINE

OUTPUT jack {MM} is disconnected from the chassis,

which may reduce hum noise in some situations.

MM. BALANCED LINE OUTPUT - A true electronically-

balanced XLR jack for output to studio and live

performance mixing consoles.

NN . HORN LEVEL - (TB-600 Combo only) Adjusts the volume

level of the horn.

OO . HORN FUSE - (TB-600 Combo

only) Protects the horn from

overload damage. If the horn

stops responding, replace the fuse

with the same type and rating as

specified on your amplifier (F2A, 250V).

NOTE: Jacks {DD}, {GG} and {FF} are balanced TRS (Tip/Ring/Sleeve) types, with tip=positive (+),

ring=negative (–) and sleeve=ground (GND). While standard shielded TS (Tip/Sleeve) “mono” guitar

cables may certainly be used, the use of “stereo” TRS cables, when available, may improve signal-to-

noise ratio and/or reduce hum.

TB-1200 / TB-600






2A 250V

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