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’65 princeton® reverb amp



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The legendary Fender Princeton® Reverb Amp of the 1960s

was small, light, and moderately powered. Though intended

for practice situations, the Princeton was capable of big tube

tone, and Fender’s world-class Reverb and Vibrato effects

were the icing on the cake. From its inception ‘til today,

countless guitarists have chosen it as their go-to studio amp,

crafting signature sounds with a stomp box or two feeding a

simple miked-up Princeton.

Today, original Princeton Reverb amps are prized collectibles,

and becoming harder to find. The new ’65 Princeton® Reverb

Amp offers today’s players all of the great tone and dynamics

of the original…in an affordable, roadworthy reissue. The

robust 15-Watt platform is a wise choice for creating tube

tone in a small space, and even provides enough output for

small gigs and rehearsals.

Features include:

• 1965 Princeton® Reverb circuit with all tube circuitry
• Two Groove Tubes® 6V6 output tubes
• Three 12AX7 preamp tubes
• One 12AT7 tube
• 5AR4 rectifier tube
• 15 Watts output power
• 10” Jensen C-10R speaker for spanky vintage tones
• Genuine Fender tube-driven spring Reverb by Accutronics®
• Genuine Fender tube tremolo (“Vibrato”)
• Genuine Fender Blackface cosmetic treatment
• Vintage Reverb/Vibrato footswitch
• Fitted cover included

5 year warranty (US and Canada, other territories may vary)

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A . INPUT 1—Full sensitivity input for most guitars.

B . INPUT 2—Lower sensitivity input (-6dB) to provide high-

output guitars with cleaner response.
NOTE: Both inputs become equal in sensitivity when used


C . VOLUME—Adjusts the loudness of the amplifier.

D . TREBLE—Adjusts high–frequency tone character.

E . BASS—Adjusts low–frequency tone character.

F . REVERB—Adjusts the level of the Reverb effect. Reverb

can be switched ON-OFF from the Footswitch {O}.

G . SPEED—Adjusts the rate of the Vibrato effect. Vibrato

can be switched ON-OFF from the Footswitch {O}.

H . INTENSITY—Adjusts the depth of the Vibrato effect.

I . POWER JEWEL—Indicates when the amplifier is ON.