Vacuum tubes – Fender Princeton 65 Reverb Amp User Manual

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rear panel


PR 770


2172000000 (120V~, 60Hz)

2172001000 (110V~, 60Hz) TW

2172003000 (240V~, 50Hz) AUS

2172004000 (230V~, 50Hz) UK

2172005000 (220V~, 50Hz) ARG

2172006000 (230V~, 50Hz) EUR

2172007000 (100V~, 50/60Hz) JPN






15W into 8Ω @ < 10% THD, 1kHz


One 8Ω, 10", Jensen Special Design C-10R, (P/N 0069347000)


Height: 16 in (40.6 cm)

Width: 19 7/8 in (50.5 cm)

Depth: 9 1/2 in (24.1 cm)


28 lb (61.6 kg)

Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Your new Fender® amplifier comes equipped with the highest

quality tubes available, sourced from various manufacturers all

over the world. Because of occasional irregularities in supply,

the specific tube type used in each amplifier is subject to

change without notice.
When replacing output tubes, please note the specific tube

markings on the original tubes factory supplied with your

amplifier. For example, 6L6 output tube types used by Fender

include, but are not limited to: 6L6GC; 6L6WXT; 6L6C; 6L6GE;

etc. The installation of a different type may require significant

adjustment by a qualified technician to avoid reduction in

performance and tube life.
Additionally, Groove Tubes™ sorts and tests many of our

output tubes, and paints them with a color-coded label. If

your amp came supplied with, for example, White-labeled

6L6WXT tubes, then a new set of White 6L6WXT tubes will

be the perfect direct replacement.
If you have questions or concerns, contact your Fender dealer

or authorized service center.

Model "65 Princeton® Reverb Amp"

Tube locations left to right at rear:

Vacuum tubes














J . POWER CORD SOCKET—Connect to a grounded A/C outlet

using the supplied power cord, in accordance with the voltage

and frequency ratings specified on the rear panel of your


K . FUSE—Protects the amplifier from electrical faults. Replace a

blown fuse only with the type and rating specified on the rear

panel of your amplifier.

L . POWER SWITCH—Turns the amplifier ON-OFF as indicated by

the front panel power jewel.

M . INTERNAL SPEAKER—Plug-in connection for the 8Ω internal

speaker. A speaker must always be connected at this jack when

the amplifier is ON. A speaker impedance load of 8Ω should

be used to avoid distortion or damage to the amplifier. When

using only the internal speaker jack, a speaker impedance load

of 8ohms (minimum) should be used to avoid distortion or

damage to the amplifier.

N . EXTERNAL SPEAKER—Plug-in connection for an external

speaker. This jack is wired in parallel with the INTERNAL

SPEAKER JACK {M} and affects the speaker impedance load.

Use 8Ω minimum total. To use the external speaker output, first

disconnect the internal speaker. Then connect a 16Ω speaker

load (minimum) to the internal speaker jack and another 16Ω

speaker load (minimum) the external speaker jack.

O . FOOTSWITCH—Plug the (included) 2-button footswitch in

here. The footswitch enables remote switching of the Reverb

and Vibrato effects.

P . REVERB JACKS—RCA jacks that route signal to and from the

Reverb tank.