Operating instructions, Insert wine bottles, Loading tips and suggestions – GE ZDWC240 User Manual

Page 10: Wood drawer fronts

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Operating Instructions

Wine Chiller


Insert wine

The top five drawers each hold eight bottles,
two deep with the necks alternating front to
back or nine bottles, alternating with necks
pointing inward.

The bottom two drawers hold six bottles
each and are loaded with necks facing the
rear. Tall bottles should not be loaded on
the bottom drawer because they may
prevent the door from closing.

tips and

The bottles on the top drawer, directly
under the light, will be exposed to a
slightly higher temperature when the
light is on. Position your wines
accordingly and remember to turn off
the light when it is no longer needed.

Keep wines that you plan to use for
everyday drinking and entertaining on
the front half of the drawers where labels
are completely visible. Place wines for
aging or longer term storage in the rear.

Do not allow children to climb, stand or
hang on the wine chiller drawers. They
could seriously injure themselves and
possibly cause damage to the wine chiller.

8 bottle arrangement

9 bottle arrangement

Bottom drawer


The drawer fronts on the wine chiller are
unfinished cherry wood. During use, oil
from hands may accumulate and stain the

The drawer fronts may be stained and
sealed to match adjacent cabinetry. The
tinted glass will make the stained wood
appear darker. A true color match can be
seen only when the door is opened.

Apply the stain and sealer according to
the manufacturer’s instructions. To avoid
unpleasant odor, keep the door open to
ventilate and allow the stain/sealer to dry
completely before using the product.


Natural wood may vary slightly in

grain and color.