How to connect electricity, Use of adapter plugs, Important safety instructions – GE ZDWC240 User Manual

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Do not, under any circumstances, cut or
remove the third (ground) prong from
the power cord. For personal safety, this
appliance must be properly grounded.

The power cord of this appliance is
equipped with a 3-prong (grounding)
plug which mates with a standard 3-prong
(grounding) wall outlet to minimize the
possibility of electric shock hazard from
this appliance.

Have the wall outlet and circuit checked
by a qualified electrician to make sure
the outlet is properly grounded.

Where a standard 2-prong wall outlet
is encountered, it is your personal
responsibility and obligation to have it
replaced with a properly grounded
3-prong wall outlet.

The appliance should always be plugged
into its own individual electrical outlet
which has a voltage rating that matches
the rating plate. This provides the best
performance and also prevents overloading
house wiring circuits which could cause
a fire hazard from overheated wires.

Never unplug an appliance by pulling
on the power cord. Always grip the
plug firmly and pull straight out from
the outlet.

Repair or replace immediately all power
cords that have become frayed or otherwise
damaged. Do not use a cord that shows
cracks or abrasion damage along its length
or at either end.

When moving the appliance, be careful not
to roll over or damage the power cord.

Because of potential safety hazards under
certain conditions, we strongly recommend
against the use of an adapter plug.

However, if you must use an adapter,
where local codes permit, a temporary

may be made to a properly

grounded 2-prong wall outlet by use of
a UL-listed adapter available at most
local hardware stores.

The larger slot in the adapter must be
aligned with the larger slot in the wall
outlet to provide proper polarity in the
connection of the power cord.

When disconnecting the power cord from
the adapter, always hold the adapter in
place with one hand while pulling the
power cord plug with the other hand.
If this is not done, the adapter ground
terminal is very likely to break with
repeated use.

If the adapter ground terminal breaks,

the appliance until a proper

ground has been established.

Attaching the adapter ground terminal to
a wall outlet cover screw does not ground
the appliance unless the cover screw is
metal, and not insulated, and the wall
outlet is grounded through the house
wiring. You should have the circuit checked
by a qualified electrician to make sure the
outlet is properly grounded.

Use of an adapter plug will increase the
clearance needed for the back of the


(Use of adapter plugs not permitted in Canada)