Controls and features, Remove packaging, Pull-out drawers – GE ZDWC240 User Manual

Page 9: Interior light and switch, Temperature control

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Controls and Features

Wine Chiller



Before using, be sure all packing materials
and tape have been removed.

If you are discarding an old refrigerator,
remove the doors to reduce the danger of
children being trapped inside.


All of the drawers pull out so bottles can be
more easily added or removed.

Any of the drawers can be removed to store
larger bottles.

To remove:


Pull the drawer out to the STOP position.


Push the tab on right drawer guide down
while pulling the tab on left guide up,
and pull the drawer out.

To replace,

insert the sides of the drawer

back into the guides and push until the tabs
snap into place.


Make sure the tabs on the drawer

guides are fully engaged before loading any
bottles. Pull the drawers out all the way to
the STOP position and push back in several
times to make sure tabs snap into place.

Interior light
and switch

The interior light makes it easy to view
your wine labels and enhances the display
of your collection.

When the switch is in the OFF position,
the light comes on only when the door is
opened. Remember to turn off the light
when it is no longer needed.


The temperature range of the wine chiller
is from the low forties to the mid sixties.

Do not install the wine chiller where the
temperature will go below 55°F (13°C) or
above 90°F (32°C).

The RED WINE setting will provide a
storage temperature of approximately
55ºF (13ºC), which is optimum for the
storage for red wine.

The WHITE WINE setting will provide a
storage temperature of approximately 45ºF
(7ºC), which is optimum for white wine.

As with any refrigeration product, there is
a slight temperature variance at different
locations within the cabinet.

Temperatures at the bottom of the cabinet
will be cooler than temperatures at the top
of the cabinet.

Position your wine inventory accordingly
(i.e. white wines in the cooler zones and
red in the warmer zones).

To set the control,

turn it to the RED WINE

setting. Once the bottles are loaded, allow
at least 24 hours before making any
adjustments to the initial setting.

Tab (push tab down on right
drawer guide, pull tab up on
left drawer guide)