Care and cleaning – GE ZDWC240 User Manual

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Care and Cleaning

Wine Chiller


Be sure that nothing obstructs the required
air flow openings in the front of the cabinet.
For best performance, brush or vacuum lint
and dirt from the condenser once a year.

Remove the cover from the bottom rear of
the wine chiller to access the condenser.
Remove the three screws from the top of the
cover and bend the sides of the cover slightly
inward to release the tabs on each side of
the cover.

When replacing, feed the power cord
through the hole on the bottom left of
the cover.

Unplug the wine chiller before cleaning.


Wash the inside with mild soap and water
or baking soda and water.

Do not use an abrasive powder, solvent,
polish cleaner or undiluted detergent.

Glass door

Use a glass cleaner or mild soap and water
and a soft cloth to clean the glass door.
Do not use any abrasive powders.

Door gasket

The vinyl gasket may be cleaned with mild
soap and water, a baking soda solution or
a mild scouring powder. Rinse well.

After cleaning the door gasket, apply a thin
layer of paraffin wax or petroleum jelly to
the door gasket at the hinge side. This
helps keep the gasket from sticking and
bending out of shape.

Light bulb

In the event
of a power

If the power fails, open the door as
infrequently as possible to maintain
the temperature. A gradual rise in
temperature should not have any
adverse effect on the wine.

If it is extremely hot, you may want
to move the wine to the coolest location
you can find until power is restored.

Do not store or use gasoline or other
flammable vapors and liquids in the
vicinity of this or any other appliance.


The painted cabinet can be washed with
mild soap and water.

Rinse thoroughly with clear water. Never
use abrasive scouring powders.

Unplug the wine chiller before replacing
the light bulb.

To remove the light shield, push in the tab
on the left side of the shield and lower it.
Replace with a 15 watt appliance bulb.