Special features – Griffin Technology Griffin TuneBuds Personal Mobile Speaker System User Manual

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To Use

Port Cover

Remove to access

Journi's Power Port

and Auxiliary

Audio Input.

Auxiliary Audio Input

Use a 1/8"

(3.5mm) stereo

audio cable to connect

MP3, CD and other audio

players. This port is

disabled when an

iPod is seated on the

dock connector.

To Charge or Power Journi

Connect the Male Dock Connector


(included) to recharge. The

USB plug connects to the included

Griffin PowerBlock

for AC

operation, or to to any powered

USB port on your computer.

Reinforced Wrapstand

Protects Journi when you're not using it.

To set up, fold the wrapstand behind the unit

and slide the tab into its corresponding slot.

iPod Dock Connector

To play your iPod through

Journi's speakers, slide your

iPod onto the raised dock connector.

On/Off Switch

Press once to activate. Journi will

wake up at the last volume setting.

Volume Controls

Press once to raise or lower

volume in steps. Press and hold

to adjust the volume faster.

Battery Charge Meter

Press once; the green

LEDs will illuminate

to show battery charge.

Depth Adjustment Wheel

Moves the Adjustment

Pad to the ideal position

for your iPod. Turn the

wheel to the left or right

to move the pad forward

or back. Set it once, then

forget it.

Special Features