Griffin Technology Griffin TuneBuds Personal Mobile Speaker System User Manual

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Seating & Removing your iPod

Your iPod should sit securely on the

dockconnector with its face even with

the front of Journi’s speaker grilles.

Journi’s cradle is designed to support

your iPod as it plays. However, it does

not lock your iPod in place or prevent

it from falling if Journi is turned upside

down or sideways when the wrapstand

is open. To protect your iPod and Journi,

you should always close the wrapstand

before moving the unit.

To set the Adjustment Pad, slowly turn

the Depth Adjustment Wheel on Journi’s

back. Once you’ve set the depth for your

iPod, you shouldn’t have to adjust it again

until you use a different iPod model.

IMPORTANT: To remove your full-size

iPod from the cradle, do NOT pull the

iPod away from the cradle area. Doing

so places excess strain on the dock

connector and can damage Journi’s

connector and your iPod.

Instead, press your fingers or two thumbs

lightly on the face of the iPod and slide

gently upward. It will disengage from the

dock connector and slide out.

For the iPod nano, simply grasp the iPod

on both sides and gently push straight up

untill the iPod slides free.