Griffin Technology Griffin TuneBuds Personal Mobile Speaker System User Manual

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No Sound from Journi

Check Journi’s battery charge

(pg. 2).

Check that iPod is powered on

and seated completely on the dock


(pg. 3).

Check that a song is playing on your iPod.

Check Journi’s volume level

(pg. 2).

If using a player other than an iPod,

ensure an iPod is NOT seated in Journi’s

dock. When Journi detects that an iPod

is present, the Auxiliary Audio Input is

switched off.

Remote control doesn’t control remotely

Check that the remote control battery

is fresh.

Check that your iPod is powered on.

Reset Journi by gently pressing the reset


(the small hole below the Power


) with a straightened paperclip.

This will reset Journi.

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