Griffin Technology Griffin TuneBuds Personal Mobile Speaker System User Manual

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Journi is equipped with a built-in,

high-output Lithium-Ion battery

designed to play up to ten hours on

a full charge. In-battery circuitry

prevents over-charging.

Griffin's Dual Fuel technology gives

you two ways to recharge:

USB Charging

First, remove your iPod from the dock.

Then, plug the USB-to-dock-connector

cable into Journi’s Power Port and a

powered USB port on your computer.

Once Journi’s fully recharged, return

your iPod to the dock, and your iPod

can sync with your computer. The

USB-to-dock-connector cable can

also be used to connect Journi to

Griffin’s PowerJolt or PowerDuo

auto power adapters, to charge

Journi on the go.

AC Charging

Use the included Griffin PowerBlock

AC adapter and USB-to-dock-connector

cable to charge Journi by plugging into

any 100V - 240V wall outlet.

Journi can be used during either

charging method.