Griffin Technology Griffin TuneBuds Personal Mobile Speaker System User Manual

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Journi’s remote snaps into the recess

on the back of the unit for storage.




Journi has been designed to provide

massive sound in a compact, easy-to-

carry package. Two high-performance

drivers and two passive radiators use



digital sound

shaping technology to produce the

experience of an expanded sound

stage and deep, rich bass. Used with

your iPod, SRS WOW programming

maximizes the sound.

When you connect a non-iPod digital

music player through Journi’s Auxiliary

Audio Input, adjust your player to

approximately 75% of top volume

for best sound quality.

Press once to skip to the next track.

Press and hold to scan forward quickly

through a track.

Press to adjust the system Volume up.

Press to adjust the system Volume down.

Press to turn Journi on and off.

Press once to return to the beginning

of the current track, or twice to skip to

the beginning of the previous track.

Press and hold to scan backward

quickly through a track.

Slip the multi-function remote

from its recess to control

Journi from a distance.

Press once to pause; again, to resume.