About your range – Maytag 8113P644-60 User Manual

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Your oven will feature either pilot ignition or pilotless

ignition. If the gas supply to the range is turned off, be

sure all controls are set in the OFF position before

re--supplying gas to the appliance.

Pilot Ignition

To light oven pilot: When cool, remove oven racks and

oven bottom. With the oven thermostat knob in the OFF

position, hold a lighted match to the pilot located at the

back end of the oven burner. Once the pilot lights, replace

oven bottom and racks.

Pilotless Ignition

With this type of ignition system, a glo bar will light the

oven burner. The oven will not operate during a power

failure or if the oven is disconnected from the wall outlet.

NOTE: A lighted match will not light the burner. No

attempt should be made to operate oven during a

power failure.


The cooktop featuring conventional surface burners lifts

up for easy cleaning of the burner box area.

To remove: When cool, first remove grates and drip

bowls, if equipped. Grasp two front burner wells and lift

up. The top can be completely removed.

To replace: Insert the two pins on the back of the cooktop

into the holes in the backguard. Lower the top into place

applying pressure at the front edges to secure top to the



CAUTION: Do not operate a surface burner without a pan

on the grate. The porcelain finish on the grate may chip

without a pan to absorb the intense heat from the burner


Burner grates must be properly positioned before cooking.

Burner grates are durable but may gradually lose their

shine due to usage and high temperatures.

Grates for the porcelain cooktop are square. When

installing square grates, place indented sides together so

straight sides are at front and rear.


Surface burners are secured in place during transportation

with a shipping screw.

Once the range is installed, these may be removed to

allow quick and easy removal of the burner.

To remove: Lift up and support or remove the cooktop.

When cool, grasp burner head and tilt to release tab from

slot near ignitor or pilot. Lift up and toward back of

cooktop until air shutter end of burner releases from valve.

To replace: Insert air shutter end of burner over valve and

lower into place. Replace cooktop. Turn on burner to be

sure burner has been correctly replaced.