Important safety instructions, Warning – Maytag 8113P644-60 User Manual

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Do not use the cooktop or oven as a storage area for food
or cooking utensils.

Avoid touching oven vent area while oven is on and for
several minutes after oven is turned off. Some parts of the
vent and surrounding area become hot enough to cause
burns. After oven is turned off, do not touch the oven vent
or surrounding areas until they have had sufficient time to


NEVER use appliance door as a step stool or seat as this
may result in possible tipping of the appliance and serious

NEVER use this appliance as a space heater to heat or
warm a room. Doing so may result in carbon monoxide
poisoning and overheating of the oven.

NEVER cover any slots, holes or passages in the oven
bottom or cover the entire rack with materials such as
aluminum foil. Doing so blocks air flow through the oven
and may cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Aluminum
foil may also trap heat causing a fire hazard.

NEVER obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air
by blocking the oven vent or air intakes. Doing so restricts
air to the burners and may result in carbon monoxide



Do not leave children alone or unsupervised near the
appliance when it is in use or is still hot. Children should
never be allowed to sit or stand on any part of the

Children must be taught that the appliance and utensils
in it can be hot. Let hot utensils
cool in a safe place, out of reach
of small children. Children should
be taught that an appliance is not
a toy. Children should not be
allowed to play with controls or
other parts of the unit.

CAUTION: Do not store items of
interest to children in cabinets
above an appliance or on the
backguard of a range. Children
climbing on the appliance or on the
appliance door to reach items could
be seriously injured.



Always place a pan on a surface burner before turning it
on. Be sure you know which knob controls which surface
burner. Make sure the correct burner is turned on and that
the burner has ignited. When cooking is completed, turn
burner off before removing pan to prevent exposure to
burner flame.

Always adjust surface burner flame so that it does not
extend beyond the bottom edge of the pan. An excessive
flame is hazardous, wastes energy and may damage the
appliance, pan or cabinets above the appliance.

Never leave a surface
cooking operation
unattended especially
when using a high heat
setting or when deep fat
frying. Boilovers cause
smoking and greasy
spillovers may ignite.
Clean up greasy spills
as soon as possible. Do not use high heat for extended
cooking operations.

Never heat an unopened container on the surface burner
or in the oven. Pressure build-up may cause container to
burst resulting in serious personal injury or damage to the

Use dry, sturdy pot holders. Damp pot holders may cause
burns from steam. Dish towels or other substitutes should
never be used as pot holders because they can trail
across hot surface burners and ignite or get caught on
appliance parts.

Always let quantities of hot fat used for deep fat frying cool
before attempting to move or handle.

Do not let cooking grease or other flammable materials
accumulate in or near the appliance, hood or vent fan.
Clean hood frequently to prevent grease from
accumulating on hood or filter. When flaming foods under
the hood, turn the fan on.

Do not touch a hot oven light bulb with a damp cloth as the
bulb could break. Should the bulb break, disconnect power
to the appliance before removing bulb to avoid electrical