About your cooktop – Maytag 8113P644-60 User Manual

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Use a HIGH flame setting to quickly bring liquids to a boil

or to begin a cooking or canning operation. Then reduce

to a lower setting to continue cooking. Never leave food

unattended when using a HIGH flame setting.

An intermediate flame size is used to continue a cooking

operation. Food will not cook any faster when a higher

flame setting is used than needed to maintain a gentle

boil. Remember, water boils at the same temperature

whether boiling gently or vigorously.

Use LO to simmer or keep foods at serving temperatures.

If a knob is turned very quickly from the HI to the LO

setting, the flame may go out, particularly if the burner is

cold. If this occurs, turn the knob to the OFF position. Wait

several seconds, then light the burner again.


A properly adjusted burner with clean ports will light within

a few seconds. You may hear a “popping” sound on

some types of gas when the surface burner is turned

off. This is a normal operating sound of the burner.

On natural gas, the flame will be blue with a deeper blue

core; there should be no trace of yellow in the flame. A

yellow flame indicates an improper mixture of air/gas.

Have a serviceman adjust the mixture if a yellow flame

occurs. (NOTE: Adjustments are not covered by the


On LP gas, some yellow tipping may occur. This is normal

and adjustment is not necessary.


Cookware, including canning equipment, which extends

more than two inches beyond the grate, rests on two

grates, or touches the cooktop will cause a build up of

heat and may result in damage to the the burner grate,

burner and cooktop.

Cookware, such as a wok with a support ring, which

restricts air circulation around the burner will cause heat

to build up and may result in damage to the burner grate,

burner or cooktop.

Foods cook faster when the cookware is covered because

more heat is retained. Lower the flame size when

cookware is covered. This also improves cooking


The cooking performance is greatly affected by the type of

cookware used. Proper cookware will reduce cooking

times, use less energy and produce more even cooking

results. For best results use a heavy gauge metal pan

with a smooth flat bottom, straight sides and a tight fitting

lid. Select a material, such as aluminum or copper, that

conducts heat quickly and evenly.


When canning, use the HI setting just until the water

comes to a boil or pressure is reached in a pressure

canner, then reduce to a setting that maintains the

pressure or a boil.

Prolonged use of the HI setting, the use of incorrect

canning utensils, or the use of improper canning

techniques may produce excessive heat and result in

permanent damage to the appliance.

NOTE: For additional canning information contact your

local County Extension Office. Or, contact Alltrista

Consumer Products Company, marketer of Ball brand

home canning products at 800-240-3340 or write: Alltrista

Corp., Consumer Affairs Dept., P.O. Box 2729, Muncie, IN