About service – Maytag 8113P644-60 User Manual

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Do not attempt to service this appliance yourself

unless directed to do so in this manual or the chart

below. Refer all other servicing to a qualified servicer

or call us at 1-800-688-9900.


Locate and mark circuit breaker or fuse. Never

replace a blown fuse or reset a circuit breaker until

you know what caused the problem. Always replace

a blown fuse with one of the correct amperage, do

not use a substitute.


Always disconnect power to unit before any servicing

by tripping circuit breaker to the OFF position or by

removing the fuse.


Burner flame is uneven.

a. clogged burner port(s)

a. clean ports with straight pin

Baking results are not


• browning is too pale, too dark or

is uneven.

• food cooks unevenly.

• food is underdone or


a. oven not preheated or set at correct


b. used incorrect rack position

c. incorrect use of aluminum foil

d. oven bottom incorrectly replaced

e. oven thermostat sensing device is

out of the holding clip(s).

a. preheat oven 8 to 15 minutes

b. see page 13

c. see page 7

d. replace oven bottom correctly

e. reinstall thermostat sensing device



Surface burner fails to light.


a. power supply not connected

b. air in the gas line

c. clogged burner port(s)

d. surface control not completely

turned to the LITE position or turned

too quickly from the LITE position

e. power failure (pilotless ignition)


a. connect power, check circuit

breaker or fuse box

b. see page 5 for instructions on

bleeding air from the gas line

c. clean ports with straight pin or small

metal paper clip

d. turn control to the LITE position until

the burner ignites, then turn control

to desired flame size

e. see page 5 to light burner during a

power failure

Surface burner flame lifts off port

or is yellow in color.

Oven burner fails to light.

a. air/gas mixture not proper
NOTE: Some yellow tipping with LP

gas is normal and acceptable.

a. power supply not connected

b. power failure

c. oven incorrectly set

a. call serviceman to adjust burner
NOTE: Be sure installer properly

adjusted range at time of installation.

a. connect power, check circuit

breaker or fuse box

b. oven will not operate during a power


c. See page 7

Popping sound heard when

burner extinguishes.

This is a normal sound that occurs with some types of gas when a hot burner is

turned off. The popping sound is not a safety hazard and will not damage the