Before calling service, What if these features are different from mine – Maytag Upright Freezers User Manual

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Thank you for buying a maytag freezer!

Please read this Owner's Manual thoroughly.This manual provides proper maintenance

Complete registration card and promptly return. If registration card is missing, see

contact information on the front cover of your manual.
When contacting Maytag, please provide the following information. Product information

is on the serial plate, located on the inside wall of the freezer.

Model Number ________________________________________________________

Serial Number _________________________________________________________

Purchase Date ________________________________________________________

Dealer Name _________________________________________________________

Dealer Address ________________________________________________________

Dealer Phone _________________________________________________________

Before calling service...

If something seems unusual, please

check Troubleshooting section, which is

designed to help you solve problems

before calling service.

What if these features

are different from


This book is intended to show the variety

of features that are available in the prod-

uct line. If your freezer does not have all

the options that are shown, it is not a mis-

take. The information provided applies to

all of the models in the product line.