Installation instructions, Important safety information, Install freezer – Maytag Upright Freezers User Manual

Page 4: Remove packing materials, Choose freezer location

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1. Adjust the 2 front legs so that the front

of the freezer is slightly higher than the

back. When adjusted properly, the

door will swing shut from 10" open.


Installation instructions



Remove materials, tape and labels

before using the freezer.
Do not use sharp instruments, rubbing

alcohol, flammable fluids or abrasive

cleaners. These can damage the

Clean your freezer before using it:
1. Use a sponge, cloth or paper towel

and mild detergent in warm water to

clean outside and inside of freezer,

door liner and gasket.

2. Rinse and dry thoroughly.



1. Locate the freezer in a safe place,

indoors, away from direct sunlight or

heat sources such as a range, dish-

washer, laundry equipment, heat

vents or radiator.

2. DO NOT store flammables such as

gasoline near the freezer.

3. Check the strength of the floor. It

should hold the weight of a fully

loaded freezer.

4. Allow at least 3" (7.5 cm) between top

of freezer and the ceiling.

5. Allow at least 1" (2.5 cm) between

back of freezer and the wall.

6. Allow 3" (7.5 cm) on each side of the

freezer for ease of installation.

7. If the freezer is to be against a wall,

you might want to leave extra space

on the hinge side so the door can be

opened wider.

8. This freezer is designed to operate at

a household temperature of 55° to

110° F (12.8° to 43° C).



Important safety


This appliance is equipped with a three-

prong grounding plug for your protection

against possible electrical shock hazards.

It must be plugged into a grounding

receptacle. Where a standard two-prong-

wall receptacle is encountered, it is the

personal responsibility and obligation of

the customer to have it replaced with a

properly grounded three-prong wall

receptacle. Do not under any circum-

stances, cut or remove the third (ground)

prong from the power cord. Do not use an

adapter plug.

Power supply cord with

three-prong grounding plug

Grounding type

wall receptacle