Important safety information, Save these instructions, What you need to know about safety instructions – Maytag Upright Freezers User Manual

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Important safety information

What you need to know

about safety instructions

Warning and Important Safety

Instructions appearing in this manual are

not meant to cover all possible conditions

and situations that may occur. Common

sense, caution, and care must be

exercised when installing, maintaining, or

operating this freezer.
Always contact your dealer, distributor,

service agent, or manufacturer about

problems or conditions you do not under-


Save these instructions

DANGER – Immediate hazards which

WILL result in severe personal injury

or death.


WARNING – Hazards or unsafe prac-

tices which COULD result in severe

personal injury or death.


CAUTION – Hazards or unsafe prac-

tices which COULD result in minor

personal injury.


To reduce risk of injury or death,

follow basic precautions, including

the following:
Child entrapment and

suffocation are not problems of the

past. Junked or abandoned freezers

are still dangerous – even if they sit

out for “just a few days.” If you are

getting rid of your old freezer, please

follow the instructions below to help

prevent accidents.
Before you throw away your old

• Take off the doors.
• Leave the shelves in

place so children

may not easily climb






To reduce risk of fire, electric shock, serious injury or death when using your freezer, follow these basic precautions,

including the following:


1. Read all instructions before using the freezer.

2. Observe all local codes and ordinances.

3. Be sure to follow grounding instructions.

4. Check with a qualified electrician if you are not sure this

appliance is properly grounded.

5. DO NOT ground to a gas line.

6. DO NOT ground to a cold-water pipe.

7. Freezer is designed to operate on a 115 Volt, 15 amp.,

60 cycle line. There should be a separate, grounded circuit

serving this appliance only.

8. DO NOT modify plug on power cord. If plug does not fit

electrical outlet, have proper outlet installed by a qualified


9. DO NOT use a two-prong adapter, extension cord or power


10. DO NOT remove warning tag from power cord.

11. DO NOT tamper with freezer controls.

12. DO NOT service or replace any part of freezer unless

specifically recommended in Owner’s Manual or published

user-repair instructions. DO NOT attempt service if instructions

are not understood or if they are beyond personal skill level.

13. Always disconnect freezer from electrical supply before

attempting any service. Disconnect power cord by grasping

the plug, not the cord.

14. Install freezer according to Installation Instructions. All

connections for water, electrical power and grounding must

comply with local codes and be made by licensed

personnel when required.

15. Keep your freezer in good condition. Bumping or dropping

freezer can damage freezer or cause freezer to malfunction

or leak. If damage occurs, have freezer checked by quali-

fied service technician.

16. Replace worn power cords and/or loose plugs.

17. Always read and follow manufacturer’s storage and ideal

environment instructions for items being stored in freezer.

18. Do not use any electrical device or any sharp instrument

when defrosting your freezer.

19. Do not operate the freezer in the presence of explosive


20. Do not store flammable substances near or in this appliance.

21. After your freezer is in operation, do not touch the cold sur-

faces in the freezer compartment, particularly when hands

are damp or wet. Skin may adhere to these extremely cold


22. This freezer should not be recessed or built-in an enclosed

cabinet. It is designed for freestanding installation only.

23. Children should not climb, hang or stand on any part of the