Custom features, Automatic defrost, Fast freeze – Maytag Upright Freezers User Manual

Page 6: Interior light, Power light, Door lock, Temperature monitor alarm

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Automatic defrost

Select models have automatic defrost.

This allows the freezer to run more effi-

ciently and quietly, minimizes odors, and

takes the hassle out of keeping a freezer


Fast freeze

Fast Freeze is a convenient feature that

enables quicker freezing of large

amounts of food. During Fast Freeze, the

freezer runs continuously, to drive the

freezer temperature down to its coldest

To use Fast Freeze, simply turn the con-

trol knob to the Igloo symbol. Then place

unfrozen foods in the freezer cavity,

spreading them out as much as possible.

Return freezer to its normal setting after

24 to 48 hours.


Custom features

Interior light

The interior light works to light the freez-

er in poor or dimly lit conditions. The light

is designed and tested to provide illumi-

nation while minimizing heat generated if

the door is accidentally left ajar. To

replace the interior light, see the Hints

and Care


Power light

The power light normally will be “ON.” Its

purpose is to warn you when there is a

power absence. If for any reason the

power to the freezer is interrupted (blown

fuse, loose plug, etc.) the indicator light

will be “OFF.”

To prevent child entrapment keep key

out of reach of children and away from



Door lock

To use the door lock:
1. Insert key into lock approximately





(6 mm).

2. Turn key clockwise to lock freezer and

counterclockwise to unlock.

Once locked or unlocked, the lock will

push the key out, preventing the key from

being kept in the lock.

Temperature monitor


Some freezer models feature a tempera-

ture monitor that provides an audible

alarm. The temperature monitor alarm is

located near the temperature control.
The alarm sounds if the temperature in

the freezer rises 10° F (12° C) or more

above normal for selected setting. Alarm

may sound if temperature control dial is

turned to a much colder setting or if a

large amount of unfrozen food is added at

one time. Alarm is controlled by a three

position switch.

0 = OFF prevents alarm from sounding

when freezer is warm, such as during

initial start-up or defrosting.

= TEST sounds alarm regardless of

temperature. Alarm system should be

tested at least once a month.

1 = ON is proper setting for normal

freezer use. Return switch to 1 after


The presence of the light does not

indicate proper food temperatures, or

proper operation of the refrigeration