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Possible causes

You should try this

1. Unit does not work.

• The circuit board may

be defective.

• Unplug the unit. Disconnect the main control

and the optional(s) control(s) (if need be). Jump

B and G terminals. Plug the unit. If the motor

runs on high speed and the damper opens, the

circuit board is not defective.

2. The damper actuator

• The 9-pin connector may

• Unplug the unit and check to make sure all the

does not work.

have a loose connection.

crimp connections are secured. Check the damper
actuator connections as well.

• The damper actuator may

• Feed 120 V directly to the damper actuator. If the

be defective.

problem persists, replace the damper actuator.

• The circuit board may

• Replace the circuit board if the problem is not

be defective.

solved by the above.

3. The wall control does • TBI mode is activated.

• If the outside temperature is below -15°C (5°F)

not work OR

and the unit has an enthalpic recovery core

the indicators flashes

(energy recovery core), then the TBI mode is

every 8 seconds.

probably activated. (See Section 7.5.)

• The wires may be in

• Ensure that the color coded wires have been

reverse position.

connected to their appropriate places.

• Erratic operation of the

• Unplug the unit. Wait 30 seconds. Plug it back in.

control every 8 seconds.

• The wires may be broken.

• Inspect every wire and replace any that are damaged.

• There may be a short-circuit. • With the help of a multimeter, check for continuity.
• The wire in the wall OR

• Remove the wall control and test it right beside

the wall control may

the unit using another shorter wirer. If the wall

be defective.

control works there, change the wire. If it does

not, change the wall control.

• The circuit board may

• If the second wall control does not solve the

be defective.

problem, then replace the circuit board.

Start-up troubleshooting:

NOTE: Inspect the unit before proceeding with these steps.

13.0 Troubleshooting



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