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Possible causes

You should try this

4. The 20-minute push-button • The switch

or the 20/40/60-minute may be defective.
push-button timer does
not workOR its indicator
light does not stay on.

• Unplug the unit. Disconnect the main control

and the optional(s) control(s) (if need be). Jump

the OL and OC terminals. Plug the unit. If the

unit switches to high speed, replace the switch.

5. The defrost cycle

• Ice deposits may be hindering • Remove the ice.

does not work

the damper operation.

(the fresh air duct is
frozen OR the fresh air • The damper rod or the port • Inspect these parts and replace if necessary.
distributed is very cold damper itself may be broken.
light flashes).

• The damper actuator

• Plug in the unit and select “MIN” or “MAX”.

may be defective.

Press the door switch and see if the port damper
opens. If it doesn’t open, feed 120V directly to
the damper actuator. If the port damper still does
not open, replace the damper actuator.

• The circuit board may

• Unplug the unit. Unplug the defrost sensor wire

be defective.

(see J4 on electrical diagrams, Section 9.0).

Plug the unit back in. Select “MIN” and make sure

the unit is adjusted for low speed operation (turn
all dehumidistats maximum counterclockwise).
Wait 3 minutes. The unit should switch to high

speed and the damper at the fresh air intake
port should close (defrost mode). If this does

not happen, then replace the circuit board.

• The thermistor may

• If the defrost mode works well after having

be defective.

disconnecting the thermistor wire (above test),

this means the thermistor is probably defective.

You should replace it.

13.0 Troubleshooting




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