Perating tips, Clean the lint filter, Load the dryer properly – Maytag INTELLIDRY MD-16 User Manual

Page 5: Check the moisture monitor, Add a fabric softener sheet (if desired)

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Clean the lint filter

• After each load.

• To shorten drying time.

• To operate more efficiently.



Do not operate the dryer
without the lint filter in


Load the dryer properly

• By placing only one wash load in the

dryer at a time.

• Avoid very small loads or mixing heavy-

weight and lightweight clothes.

• When only one or two articles need dry-

ing, add a few similar items to improve
tumbling and drying efficiency.

• When drying large, bulky items such as

a blanket or comforter, it may be neces-
sary to reposition the load during the
cycle to ensure even drying.

Check the moisture


Indicator lights in the moisture monitor will
display when an IntelliDry cycle is in opera-
tion. The top light will blink on and off. As
loads dry, there will be longer pauses
between each blink. No lights will display
during Time Dry or Air Fluff.

The bottom light in the monitor will remain
on until the cool down portion of the cycle
starts. During cool down the dryer continues
to tumble the load in unheated air to help
minimize wrinkling.

NOTE: The top monitor light
may not blink when small loads
of heavy, bulky items are dried,
such as rugs or sweaters.

Add a fabric softener

sheet (if desired)

• After loading the dryer.

• To control static cling.

• Before the load becomes warm. This

helps prevent greasy-looking softener

• And remove any used softener sheets

from the dryer to prevent greasy-looking
softener stains.