6step 4 end of cycle signal, Step 2 select temperature, Step 3 select options step 5 press start – Maytag INTELLIDRY MD-16 User Manual

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Step 4

End of cycle


Push this button to start the dryer. The dryer
door must be shut for the dryer to operate. If
the door is opened during the cycle, the
start button must be pushed again to
resume the cycle once the door is closed.

Step 2



REGULAR – for sturdy cottons or those
labeled “Tumble Dry”.

MEDIUM – for permanent press, synthetics,
lightweight cottons or items labeled “Tumble
Dry Medium”.

Step 3

Select options

Step 5

Press start

EXTRA LOW TEMP ON* – overrides the
Regular, Medium or Delicate temperature
selections, providing the lowest heated dry
temperature possible. EXTRA LOW TEMP
temperature is lower than DELICATE.
(EXTRA LOW TEMP will not override the AIR
FLUFF setting).

EXTRA LOW TEMP OFF – allows for full
temperature range of Regular through

PRESS CARE ON – provides approximately
20 minutes of tumbling in unheated air after
the Wrinkle Free Fabrics cycle to further min-
imize wrinkling.

PRESS CARE OFF – cancels the additional
tumbling in unheated air.

Shortly before the
cycle is complete, an
audible signal will
sound. If the Press
Care option has
been selected, the
audible signal will
sound intermittently during the cool down
portion of Press Care. The signal can be
turned off if desired.


*The EXTRA LOW TEMP light will illumi-
nate when the EXTRA LOW TEMP ON
option is selected with Regular, Medium or
Delicate temperatures.

DELICATE – for heat sensitive items
labeled “Tumble Dry Low” or “Tumble Dry

AIR FLUFF – tumbles without heat. Used for
sensitive loads or items needing freshening.