Marantz CR601 User Manual

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7 Loading batteries

Before using the supplied remote control unit for
the first time, load the batteries in the remote
control unit. The batteries provided are used to
verify the operations of the remote control unit only.


Take hold of the tab on the battery cover which
is found on the back side of the remote control
unit, and pull it up.


Take load the two new size “AAA” batteries
inside the battery compartment while taking
care to align their polarities correctly with the
polarity markings (










Push the battery cover down in the direction of
the arrow to close it.

Notes on batteries:

• Replace the batteries with new ones if the set

does not operate even when the remote control
unit is operated nearby the set. (The included
battery is only for verifying operation.)

• To prevent damage or leakage of battery fluid:

– Do not use a new battery together with an old


– Do not use two different types of batteries.
– Do not short-circuit, disassemble, heat or

dispose of batteries in flames.

• If the battery fluid should leak, carefully wipe the

fluid off the inside of the battery compartment
and insert new batteries.

7 Operating range of the

remote control unit

• Point the remote control unit at the remote

sensor on the main unit as shown on the

• The remote control unit can be used from a

straight distance of approximately 5 meters from
the main unit, but this distance will be shorter if
there are obstacles in the way or if the remote
control unit is not pointed directly at the remote

• The remote control unit can be operated at a

horizontal angle of up to 30 degrees with respect
to the remote sensor.


• It may be difficult to operate the remote control

unit if the remote sensor is exposed to direct
sunlight or strong artificial light.

• Do not press buttons on the main unit and

remote control unit simultaneously. Doing so
may result in malfunction.

• Neon signs or other devices emitting pulse-type

noise nearby may result in malfunction, so keep
the set as far away from such devices as

Size “AAA” (SUM-4)
batteries x 2

Approx. 5m