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Page 10: Rack positions

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Rack Position #4o (offset rack on #4):

Most broiling.

Rack Position #3:

Some baked goods.

Rack Position #3o (offset rack on #3):

Most baked goods, pies, cakes and cookies.

Rack Position #2:

Roasting small cuts of meat, cakes in tube or bundt pans,

Rack Position #2o (offset on #2):

Roasting, loaves of bread, angel food cake.

Rack Position #1:

Large cuts of meat and turkey, custard pie, dessert souffle.

Multiple Rack Cooking:

Two racks (Convection or conventional cooking):

For cookies use #1 and #4o. For cakes use #2 and #4o.

Three racks (convection cooking only): Use #1, #3o, #4.

(See illustration at left.)

Notes . . .

The use of the offset rack is denoted in the list above
as an “o” after the rack position number.

Do not cover an entire rack with aluminum foil or
place foil on the oven bottom. Baking results will be
affected and damage may occur to the oven bottom.

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Oven Operation


Oven Racks

Single convection ovens are equipped with two flat and one
offset rack.

Single non-convection ovens are equipped with one flat and
one offset rack.

Double ovens are equipped with one flat and one offset rack
for each oven.

To remove: Pull forward to
the “stop” position; lift up
on the front of the rack and
pull out.

To replace: Place rack on
the rack support in the oven;
tilt the front end up slightly;
slide rack back until it clears
the lock-stop position;
lower front and slide into
the oven.

Rack Positions

Three rack convection cooking (select models).

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