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Before You Call For Service

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Check these points if . . .

check for a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.
check if oven is properly connected to electric outlet.

the controls may have been set incorrectly.
clock controls may be set for a delayed bake function.
the Oven Control Lockout may have been set. (See page 5.)

the light bulb is loose or defective.
check power supply, circuit breaker or fuse.
the oven light does not work during self-cleaning process.

this is normal for a new wall oven and will disappear after a few uses. Initiating a
clean cycle will “burn off” the smells more quickly. Turning on a ventilation fan will
help remove the smoke and/or odor.

excessive food soils on the oven bottom. Use a self-clean cycle.

controls may be improperly set.
check if set for delayed start.

oven may need longer cleaning time.
excessive spills were not removed prior to self-cleaning process.

control may be improperly set.
check rack position. (See page 10.)
voltage into house may be low.
•broil element was not preheated.
•oven door was closed during broiling. Leave the door open to the first stop position.

•food may be positioned incorrectly in oven. (See “Cooking Made Simple” booklet.)
•oven not preheated properly.

•the oven may be installed improperly.
•check the oven rack with a level.
•stagger pans, do not allow pans to touch each other or oven wall.
•check instructions for suggested placement of pans on oven rack. (See“Cooking

Made Simple” booklet.)

•oven may not have cooled to safe temperature after self-cleaning process.

The oven fails

to operate.

Clock, indicator words,

and/or lights operate

but oven does not heat.

The oven light

and/or clock does

not function.

There is a strong odor

or light smoke when

oven is turned on.

Oven will not activate

the self-cleaning process.

Oven did not

clean properly.

Foods do not

broil properly.

Baked food is

burned or too

brown on top.

Foods bake unevenly.

Oven door will

not unlock.

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